Members of NEW INC and Rhizome’s Art & Code track are pleased to announce the exhibition:

July 15 - ∞

NFS NSFW NFT is a 3D virtual exhibition produced by members of NEW INC and Rhizome’s Art & Code track. We’re showing on New Art City, hosting a Zoom opening, minting a NFT on Foundation, and closing with a panel at Hunter College — all, to explore the critical poetics of this particular not-for-sale, not-safe-for-work, and non-fungible-token moment.

We used New Art City’s gallery toolkit to veer from the white cube. Instead, we built four rooms that feel like community gardens each with a specific theme, landscape, and art critters from AI and livestream videos to invisible and textual sculptures. Each ecosystem is skinned with digital debris from the vectoralists (to borrow from McKenzie Wark). We’ve built on, under, and all-around their topology. Holding space. Getting lost. Keeping company.

The main garden illustrates this dissonance between community and big tech, where the landscape literally documents the making of NFS NSFW NFT: rivers flowing with our Slack threads, mountains skinned with our email, audio from our Zoom calls scattered everywhere, along with essays from Lindsay Howard and Zach Kaplan.

The NFS garden is skinned with cryptocurrency symbols and animations. Featuring work from Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga, Mark Ramos, and Bhavik Singh.

The NSFW garden is skinned with community rules and blurred graphics that platforms use to police adult content. Featuring work from Itziar Barrio, Christopher Clary, Nahee Kim, and Pearlyn Lii.

The NFT garden is skinned with graphics that corporations use to illustrate the blockchain. Featuring work from Johanna Flato, Lula Mebrahtu, Yeseul Song, and Ziyang Wu.

Join us for an opening reception on Wednesday, July 21 from 4:30 - 6:00PM edt, RSVP here. We’ll start on Zoom, then gather on New Art City to walk through the exhibition guided by the organizers. Along the way we’ll hear from the artists and essayists Lindsay Howard and Zach Kaplan on a variety of topics like how NFS, NSFW, and NFT relate. Lastly we’ll mint a collective NFT on Foundation and post it in the galleries.

The NFT will be a video of the walk-through, the dress rehearsal for the opening. It’s remarkable for several reasons, first as a document of the show. Second, our NFT is NFS because as a cohort we have a multitude of opinions on each. Lastly, Foundation has a 50MB limit for NFTs and we’re expecting the video to be compressed beyond recognition. But in the spirit of secret gardens, we’re okay with that -- collectively.

For more details about our closing panel at Hunter College in September please follow NEW INC on Instagram.

Christopher Clary
Pearlyn Lii
Mark Ramos

Lindsay Howard
Zach Kaplan

Itziar Barrio
Christopher Clary
Johanna Flato
Nahee Kim
Pearlyn Lii
Lula Mebrahtu
Ricardo Miranda Zúñiga
Mark Ramos
Bhavik Singh                                                        
Yeseul Song
Ziyang Wu

Design by Pearlyn Lii

Exhibiting work: A Woman with the Technology