Experimental Video Artist Ziyang Wu Recommends Inspirational Videos
Multimedia interdisciplinary artist Ziyang Wu (19) sends a handful of experimental videos he says have inspired his own work in the medium and that might serve to inspire and entertain others at home during this trying time.


"The following videos have inspired me greatly in my work in the medium. I hope you enjoy them!" says interdisciplinary artist Ziyang Wu. (Caution: strong language ahead)

Ian Cheng's trilogy titled Emissaries is a live simulation work in which people interact in an immersive computer-designed world (or to put it more straightforwardly: AI-generated animations).
This is a link to a 10-minute excerpt of Emissaries and an interview between Ian Cheng and Stuart Comer, on MoMA's website.

This is a link to a great documentary of Ian Cheng's work on Louisiana Channel.

Hito Steyerl's How Not to be Seen: A F@%!ing Didactic Educational .MOV File on Artforum's website.

Cao Fei's Whose Utopia on UBU Web.

Omer Fast's The Casting on UBU Web.