Networked Ecosystem
Live simulation and online environment
Infinite duration

Networked Ecosystem is a live-simulation environment that presents an ecosystem built of a variety of digital senses. Commissioned by NEW INC at the New Museum, Rhizome and Nokia Bell Labs, Networked Ecosystem takes machine vision and sensing data collected by Bell Lab’s experimental robots and sensors and repurposes it to drive a 3D environmental simulation. (This project is in collaboration with artist Mark Ramos)
In Networked Ecosystem, natural phenomena have been replaced by digital and artificial systems as forces that drive development: Electricity/battery = sustenance, WIFI signals = nutrition, Lidar data = fire/heat. Data organisms populate this digital ecosystem as native life forms in the form of bots, AI’s, and avatars. Visitors to this networked landscape develop new kinds of digital senses to experience data as environmental changes, and interact with the simulated world and each other in an ever-changing online environment.
Link to play Networked Ecosystem (WebGL):



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